Friday, 7 December 2012

Watch this, then tell me you're having a bad day!

This is just a very short blog as the link I'm sharing speaks for itself!  Having a bad day or week? The good thing is tomorrow is only a few short hours away. Hopefully whatever is getting you down will soon be fixed. I'm sharing a link to a video of The British Paraorchestra performing 'True Colours'. All the people in this video, both adults and children, don't have that luxury. When they wake up tomorrow they will still be blind, deaf of disabled physically in some way.

Watching this video you see many examples of the strength of the human spirit. Despite their difficulties or perhaps because of them, some of these inspirational people have learnt to play an instrument or sing when they can't even speak. I don't know about you but I'm in awe of these amazing individuals.

Watching this made me cry, but they were tears of pride, not pity. It seems that no matter what you are facing there are ways to overcome them if you look hard enough. Singing in my singing group means the world to me and I would be lost if I thought that I'd never be able to sing again. This video gives me hope that even if something were to happen to me, there's still hope!

Watch this now and be inspired!

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