Monday, 8 April 2013


The 'lovely Lisa' recently threw down a writing prompt challenge in our private 'I'm a writer' fb group. She challenged us to write a poem about passion. Not feeling very confident, I decided to 'give it a go'. After all only the other members of the group would see it. In fear and trepidation I uploaded my attempt as a word document.

A couple of the ladies in the group commented favourably on the poem and I was quietly pleased.

Then to my surprise, the 'lovely Lisa' not only shared the poem on her fb page, but she also posted it on Twitter. After my initial shock, I was delighted as I took this as a sign that she liked it! So here goes! I'm going to put it out there and see what others think. Another step along my 'New Beginning's' pathway.   


All consuming, life confirming
As it grows and so consumes.
Pulsing, pleasing soon not breathing
Crushed by feelings once unknown.

Things look brighter, freer, lighter
Nothing now too much to bear.
Living, loving, passions rising
Finding Aphrodite’s home. 

Then comes stillness, peaceful silence
Quietness and calmness fall.
Softly, soothing feelings linger
Sweet surrender’s joy your own. 

Passion comes when least expected
Stealing thoughts and peace of mind
Slowly, slyly overpowering
Pulling all defences down. 

Do we have the choice to answer
To the call of passion’s lure?
Hopeless, helpless, oh what pleasure
Lies within a lover’s crown.
Isabel Johnstone 2013.

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