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My invisible dragon adventures (part 5)

It's been a while since I published part 4 of My Invisible Dragon adventure but here at last is the fifth, possibly the last part. This one starts off a bit differently. I'm in the middle of my Creative Writing course so I'm trying something different. As with all good fairy tales however there must be a happy ending and the future left to the imagination of the reader and I hope this doesn't disappoint. I've enjoyed the challenge set me by Peter Maxian, the original Invisible Dragon Adventurer and would like to thank him for presenting me with this opportunity and also for all his encouraging comments. Every blogger/writer should have one. Well here goes! I hope you enjoy it.
In part 4 we left Isabel alone in Shangri-La while Lancelot returned to Camelot to help King Arthur who was in trouble. Here's what happened next.

Isabel woke with a start. She'd fallen asleep on the sofa again.  But sleeping on the sofa she'd had the most peculiar dream. Smiling she recalled that she'd dreamed that she had gone to Camelot on an invisible dragon, met Sir Lancelot and ended up in Shangri-la! The strain of the last few months must be really getting to her. She yawned and stretched her hands above her head. I need coffee she thought. Waiting for the kettle to boil she laughed as snippets of the dream flitted through her mind. In it she'd flown on the back of an Invisible Dragon of all things and played with dolphins and all in the company of Sir Lancelot of Camelot. There was no doubt in her mind; she was cracking up! Sipping her coffee she walked back into the lounge and kicked something with her foot. Bending down she saw that it was the book she'd been reviewing for the magazine. 'The Dragon and the Butterfly, ( a love story)' by Peter MaxianAh, that explains the dream she thought. It could have been worse, she'd reviewed a book about zombies the other day, at least she was spared having nightmares after that. Finishing her coffee she placed the mug beside the candle on the table. A vague recollection flitted through her mind but ignoring it she decided to have a shower.

A few moments later stepping out of the shower, she was surprised to see a residue of what looked like sand in the shower tray. Bending down she picked some up and realised it actually was sand. Despite the steamy atmosphere of the bathroom she shivered as another vague memory tried to fight its way to the front of her mind. I need a holiday she thought, I'm really starting to crack up. Dressing quickly, she picked up the copy of the book, her laptop and left for the office.

It was like a mad house with the phones constantly ringing and the editors asking why the hard copies weren't on their desks. She was so stressed that when lunch time arrived she decided to go to the local park for some fresh air. There was a particular spot there she loved to visit. A large Cypress hedge surrounded a small patch of grass, making it completely private and if she was lucky she sometimes had it all to herself. This was one of those times. Gratefully she sank down onto the grass and began to eat her sandwich.

'There you are! I've been looking for you everywhere.' boomed a loud voice.
Startled Isabel dropped her sandwich and looked all around her but couldn't see where the voice was coming from.
'Well don't just sit there, we need to get going. Lancelot's hurt and he wants to see you.'
Recognising the voice, she gasped as it dawned on her that the thoughts that she'd put down to being just part of a dream were actually real memories. she remembered that the candle on the table had been part of her attempt to cast a spell and it had actually worked. She really had been to Shangri-La!
'Invisible Dragon is that you?' she asked tentatively.
'Of course it's me! Who else would you not be able to see?' he bellowed.
'How did I get back home? You left me in Shangri-La. I thought that I'd dreamt it all.'
'Never mind that now, Lancelot needs you.'
'Oh, all right. But how do I find you?'
Isabel felt herself being lifted up by the smooth, scaly wing of the dragon and instinctively bent forward  and put her arms around his neck as he smoothly rose up into the air. To any observers it merely looked as if a sudden gust of wind had ruffled the branches of the trees. Then as quickly as it had started it was gone.

Very soon they were soaring above the  rolling green hills of Camelot, the calm blue waters of the lake glinting in the afternoon sunshine. The Invisible Dragon gently swooped down and came to rest in a small gully. Isabel slid down the smooth scales and looked around her. She smiled as she remembered the first time she'd been here. The incident when Lancelot had tried to fight the dragon with his sword had really happened. A soft swooshing noise told her that the dragon had gone. Scratching her head she wondered what she should do now, when a noise from the top of the gully caught her attention. Looking up she saw Lancelot standing there, his sword by his side, his armour stained with blood.
'Ah Lady Isabel, you have come. It gladdens my heart to see you.'
'Lancelot, you're hurt! How can I help you?'
'You are here , 'tis all I need. It was my heart that was aching for a sight of you my love.' He jumped the short distance down into the gully and dropping his sword pulled her towards him.
'I was dreaming of our time in Shangri-La and as if by magic the Invisible Dragon appeared. He told me that you also dreamed of it. He said that if we both wished it he could return us to that wondrous place.  I wish it with all my heart. I am sick of all the fighting and blood shed. What thinkest thou?'
'Are you kidding me! I'd love too! It was the most special time of my life. What girl wouldn't want to live her very own fairy tale.'
'Tis a strange way you speak sometimes my love, but I think that you are saying yes.'
In answer she stood up on tiptoe and kissed him.  At that moment a loud swooshing noise heralded the return of the dragon.
'Well that's settled then. climb on my back and I'll take you there. But be warned I may not be so quick to come next time you want to be somewhere else.'
Isabel afare well rainbownd Lancelot smiled at each other and holding hands prepared to once more climb on the Invisible Dragon's back. As they ascended they looked down and saw a rainbow mirrored in the lake and they smiled as they noticed that they were heading towards the end of the rainbow. They already felt as if they'd found their pot of gold.

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  1. my favourite line:
    'Tis a strange way you speak sometimes my love, but I think that you are saying yes.'