Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm in the poetry zone!

Hi guys,

My latest assignment for my OU course has been a poetry assignment. As part of the course I've had to write some poems. Here are a couple. The first one was my attempt at writing about an animal, real or mythical. Of course I wrote about the Invisible Dragon! The second was a result of an online tutorial where we had to write a poem after listening to a piece of music. I listened to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no. 1.

The invisible dragon

She penned her wish upon a page
A candle lit to cast the spell
She slept, she dreamed and she awoke
On her invisible dragon.

A longing deep within her soul
For life’s adventure to begin
Now sprang to life before her eyes
On her invisible dragon.

She dreamt of love and far flung climes
As life it’self just passed her by
Was she at last upon the way
On her invisible dragon?

All through the night she swooped and swirled
The cold night air upon her face
She laughed and shouted at the sky
On her invisible dragon.

Then morning came and cold, wet dew,
Or so she thought, was on her cheeks.
But tears were all that she had left
Of her invisible dragon.

Isabel Johnstone © 2014.


I dreamed of children playing:
Kiss chase around trees,
pretending to be
a flotilla of sailing ships, or
a pair of swans gliding along a river
their wings outstretched, ready
to soar high above a waterfall
that boils and bubbles before dropping
into the rapids below. Then,
bored now, they break into a sword fight.

Isabel Johnstone © 2014

More to come when I've had my assignment marked, we can't publish them online until then.

I hope you enjoy this snippet! 

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  1. I didn't know you'd written an invisible dragon poem... it's wonderful :-) I sometimes have those experiences, where magic seems to enter in a rush, and I fly on my imagination... and then the next morning, I feel a strange emotion like loss... Must be the not-grown-up part of us :-)

    1. Thanks Peter, I'm sure you didn't realise that your tweet asking if anyone would like to star in their own Invisible Dragon adventure would result in you becoming an aspiring writer's muse! :)

    2. How big are your writer aspirations, Isabel? Do you want to make a name commercially, or explore new creative possibilities? Or both, maybe? :-)

    3. Definitely the second option Peter, but if the first follows, I won't be disappointed! That's why I'm doing the creative writing module with the Open University at the moment. It's been an interesting journey so far. :)