Friday, 6 June 2014

Little Red Riding Hood.

Well at last my Creative Writing module is done. It's been a bit of an emotional rolller coaster for me. It's one thing to have an academic essay subjected to a tutor's marks, but a totally different experience when it's a story/poem that has come from your heart. But I think that I've learned a lot and hopefully my writing has improved. I have four months off now, but we have a Creative writing Facebook page. At the moment we are sharing daily writing prompts as a bit of fun. Today's prompt was to write a poem based on either a nursery rhyme or a fairytale. I wrote this based on Little Red Riding Hood. Hope you like it. 

Little Red Riding Hood.

A wolf in Gran's clothing was lying in bed
When Little Red Riding hood called.
His snores rocked the rafters and rattled the roof
But she never noticed at all.

Cause grandma had whiskers on her wrinkled  face
And also a problem with wind
And bad halitosis and incontinence
And drool dribbled all down her chin.

So Red pulled back the covers to see if her gran
Was in need of a change of her pad.
She covered her nose at the terrible stench
Crying 'Gran, that is really quite bad.'

She pulled up the nightie and gasped in surprise
'Oh Gran what a state you are in.
Your toe nails need clipping and as for your legs
I just don't know where to begin.'

The wolf grabbed the nightie and pulled it back down
Confusion all over his face.
But Red was still ranting and as was her wont
Was going quite red in the face.

'Now Gran you must stop all this fussing around
And let me get on with my job.
The smell is disgusting and just tell me when
Did you turn in to such a big slob?'

The wolf had enough now and leapt off the bed
And ran double quick for the door.
Red stared in confusion and shaking her head
Said ‘ Cor blimey and she’s 94.'

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