Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Just believe that good things are on their way.

I have a question. Where has 2015 gone to? It seems like only yesterday that I was thinking back on 2014.

It's been a bit of a funny old year. We started the year knowing that my brother-in-law was terminally ill, and I'll be starting 2016 by going to a funeral of a friend who passed away before Christmas. My brother-in-law passed away not long after his 60th birthday  my friend had also not long celebrated his 60th birthday. A sobering thought, especially as in 2016 I'll be celebrating my 60th.

Once again I've been reminded of just how short life is and the importance of making the most of every day. 

I'm still determined to have as many adventures as possible and try not to let things get to me, but I'm realising just how hard that can be at times. I'm also aware that it's up to me how I choose to react when life throws me one of its many curve balls.

Scratch Messiah at Royal Albert Hall
I've got a couple of adventures planned and I'm also eagerly awaiting to hear what WOAPA will have in store for us. We might be entering the Chipping Norton Musical Festival competition again, and who knows, we might even get an outstanding award this year. There's also a strong possibility that, once again, we'll be taking part in the Scratch Messiah in the Royal Albert Hall.

There also may be an adventure involving flying.

One of the reasons this year has gone so fast is there's been a lot going on, and as I have already said, not all of it good. But I'm feeling grateful that at the end of 2015, my family and I are safe and healthy. We've been fortunate enough not to be affected by the terrible flooding that has spoilt so many people's Christmas and New Year. Both my sons have overcome their health scares and I didn't get pneumonia.

All in all, I've got a lot to be grateful for, and I am. 

Who knows what 2016 has in store for me and mine? All I know is that whatever it is, good or bad, I'm ready. I'm still determined to be a vase mended with 'Golden Seams',  On my facebook page I share inspirational quotes and funny or cute photos to make people smile. If I can help someone to feel better, even if only for a moment, then that makes me happy.

2016 is almost upon us. I don't make resolutions, why set myself up to fail? I'll just keep on trying my best. I wish all who are reading this, happiness, health and the strength to cope if life gets difficult. Find joy in the little things. After all, that's what most of our lives are made up of; the little things. Most importantly: Remember to believe that good things are on their way.

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