Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Tasty Travels

Wow, yesterday the TV programme I took part in with Lynda Bellingham was on TV. Having told all my friends and family about it so they could watch-I started to have a bit of a panic. What if I made a complete fool of myself or worse-what if I was edited out!!!!!!

I watched it with mixed feelings. The film scenes of the farm were amazing and beautiful, making the place look inviting. Fantastic advertising for Cogges. There were also a lot of fantastic shots of various locations around Oxfordshire.

Finally the moment of truth arrived. Myself and other volunteers were filmed walking to the table on which the 2 pies that we were to taste had been dished out. It's a strange feeling seeing yourself on TV when you're not used to it. I was relieved to see that I hadn't done anything to embarrass myself lol. They even kept in my comments about the pies hee hee.. :)

When the credits began to roll my phone went crazy with texts from friends and comments on face book. a friend from Scotland that I hadn't seen for years sent me a text saying 'I've just seen you on tv'! Later on that evening at choir practise a new member speaking to one of my friends pointed at me and said, 'I saw that lady on TV at tea-time'. Ah, fame at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just as well that I'm off on holiday tomorrow to allow all the attention to die done. Just kidding! I don't think Meryl Streep or Nicole Kidman need worry about me being their competition yet ha ha. it was great fun having my 15 minutes of fame.

Tomorrow I'm off to Venice to join a cruise ship for 10 nights. So no blogs from Flashmob Granny until then. Although I'm sure that cruising around Greece and the Greek islands should lead to more adventures on my 'New Beginnings'.
The link is no longer available on ITV player, but I've made a recording for posterity.

Flashmob Granny

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