Monday, 5 November 2012

Tomorrow is the day after's, yesterday!

This morning I went out into the back garden to put out some food for the birds. The sun was shining. A nice change from the horrible wind and rain of yesterday. As I looked around I realised that, although the previous days weather had been dreadful, it had resulted in saving me from a very tiresome task! The lawn was no longer covered in all the leaves that had fallen from the Hazelnut tree and shrubs in the garden! They had been blown away, where to I don't know. I'm just so pleased that I'm no longer faced with having to rake them up and dispose of them :). At least they are bio degradable, so wherever they land they won't cause too much trouble for someone else.

As usual, this got me to thinking. How much time do I waste doing things that are not really necessary? Sometimes I don't give the people and important things in my life the time and attention they deserve because I'm busy doing other things. Perhaps it would be good to occasionally take the time to do a stock take of how we spend our time. You may be thinking that 'I don't have time to do this'? But if it results in us cutting down on unnecessary tasks,won't we gain time!

Some people might actually enjoy raking up the leaves and I know that the gardeners among you will want to add them to your compost heap. I'm not really a gardener, nor do I have a compost heap. Therefore I'm quite happy to let Nature take care of them for me. This just goes to show that we all have different ideas of what is and isn't important. But that's alright. Imagine all the things in life that wouldn't get done if we all enjoyed doing the same things and not others. Thank God for all the Mathematicians and Physicists out there, is what I say!

There are sometimes ways of getting around things we don't enjoy.  For example, I love ironing but I know some people who hate it. So what do they do? They fold the clothes as they take them out of the tumble dryer! 'Simples' as the Meerkat would say! It's sometimes just a case of thinking outside the box or learning from others. Of course there are things we don't enjoy that we do have to do. But do we have to do them today! Would the world fall apart if instead we spent more time with those we love?

I've entitled this blog 'tomorrow is the day after's yesterday'. Why? I'm not sure really. It just made me think about the importance of time and how important it is not to waste it! Talking of wasting time, I should really be starting to study for my open university course that starts this week. Unfortunately I don't think there's a wind that will blow this away for me!

Flashmob Granny.

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