Monday, 28 January 2013

The Fluffy Dandelion

The Fluffy Dandelion.

This week the lovely Lisa has challenged us to write something about a 'fluffy dandelion'. This is my attempt.

The Fluffy Dandelion.

'Sitting alone in a sea of green that is the lawn, a single dandelion is busy preparing for the next stage of its life. Faded is the vivid yellow of its youth. That vibrant sunshiny colour that was the bane of the gardener, who toiled in vain to rid his pride and joy, the lawn, of this plant he considered a weed. All of the other dandelions had succumbed to the treatments and had wilted away, this one alone had survived. It was now down to this solitary dandelion to carry on the fight for survival of its species.

One by one, the fluffy little tendrils that would carry the seeds emerged from their resting place and reached up to the light. All that was needed now was a puff of wind to carry them off on their journey, to start again the miracle of life that all living things have in common. The air on this particular day was very still, but patiently they waited knowing that it was only a matter of time. Suddenly there was the sound of footsteps and the shrill laughter of a child. On seeing the dandelion the child bent down, picked it up and taking an enormously large breath for a little one, blew the dandelion with all her might. One o'clock, puff, two o'clock, another puff, three o'clock and in three childish breaths the dandelion seeds were sent hurtling through the air.

The root of the parent dandelion sighed in satisfaction and settled down to rest until it was time once again to emerge and join the fight to survive the gardener’s best efforts. As for the fluffy dandelions! Some fell on other lawns and were destined to carry on the fight for survival. Others landed in meadows where all things wild were nurtured and encouraged to bloom. Many found themselves in shady corners hidden away from the prying eyes of men, destined to live out their existence unobserved and free to quietly carry on perpetuating the dandelion species. They might not be noticed but in the future their seeds would, like them be carried off on the wind and land on a lawn; perhaps even returning to the original home of the solitary dandelion.’

For all living things life is a journey and a constant fight for survival. Each of us is placed in different circumstances and left to make the best of them. Some of us will be lucky enough to land in a nurturing environment, but for others life might not be so easy. It might sometimes feel as if you are passing through this life un-noticed, in the shade! But each of us makes a difference in our own way. Every time we reach out to others around us we leave our mark. Like it our not we do need each other. Even the gardener's constant attempts to get rid of the dandelion only made it stronger!

Update! This short story is included as an appendix in Brightness of Stars, by Lisa Cherry, (available on Amazon). A book about adult's experiences of being in care as a child. Lisa wanted to 'share lost and unheard voices.' In the book she writes; 'I felt there was a connection between the process the dandelion goes through and something I could recognise in myself and in others in healing and recovery.' I think that anyone who's been on a journey might relate to it in some way. I think that's why I was able to write it.


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