Wednesday, 27 February 2013

When Life Gets Messy..........

Wouldn't it be lovely if life was always easy and all of our plans worked out just as we wanted them to. Some might say that this would be boring, but sometimes when you're in the thick of it, boring sounds really good. But life isn't like that and every so often we are thrown a curve ball which knocks us off our stride and makes us re-evaluate our goals and ambitions and also what our priorities are. There's a saying that 'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans'. Hands up anyone who disagrees with this phrase........not me. Yes we do need to make plans and do whatever it takes to bring these plans to fruition, but we also need to be flexible enough to, as the picture above says, 'just roll with it' when things happen that we were not expecting.

 I have been broken in the past and suffered from clinical depression for a number of years. But I do believe that I have come through it all as a stronger, hopefully wiser person. As a family we are currently going through it a bit again as a result of the seizure my husband had a few weeks ago, on the day that our first grandchild was born. Instead of just being able to enjoy the new addition to the family, we are also having to cope with the waiting on appointments and tests to try to see if the doctors can give us any answers as to why this happened, especially as it was completely out of the blue. There is also the worry of wondering if it will happen again and if it does will it be in a place of safety, with people around to help as it was the first time. My husband works and stays away from home during the week so this is a very real concern. But this could drive us mad if we let it. Our GP's advice was to' just get on with life as normal, whatever that is! I guess that's his way of telling us to 'just roll with it'. I could get upset and say 'why me?'' but what would that achieve.

In the past I would and did say 'why me? but it didn't help or change anything. So just like the person in the picture above I "Made a choice to take a chance and make a change". The choice I made was to stop feeling sorry for myself whenever something bad happened and especially to stop worrying about what might happen next. Apart from being a total waste of time, it also uses up energy best reserved for dealing with what is. Anyway, it might not happen and that is the chance that you need to take and if it does happen then you can use the energy you've saved by not worrying to deal with it. The change in my life is that I am happier and enjoy life more and I am stronger and more equipped to cope when life does throw these curve balls.

Life is going to be different at least for a while. My husband isn't allowed to drive for one thing and is having to make adjustments to his work schedule among other things. 'Mum's Taxi' is back in action to chauffeur dad around, much to his disgust, and until we get some answers we just need to think more carefully about what we do and how we do it. Don't get me wrong,  I still worry, there would be something far wrong if I didn't. The difference is I try to keep it in proportion and not let it consume me. So while 'life may be messy' at the moment, I'll 'just roll with it' and look forward to 'having a ball' again in the future.

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