Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I'm moving!

Just over a year ago it was suggested to me that I should start writing a blog to help me find my 'writer's voice'. Little did I know the path that it would lead me on.

My first few attempts were ramblings about all the different adventures I'd been on since deciding to get off my sofa and start living life before it was too late. I even adopted the moniker, 'Flashmob Granny' as taking part in a flashmob, something I'd never even heard about, was one of these adventures.

But gradually the topics I chose to write about began to change. Yes, there were still the odd adventures and funny moments, (see 'My embarrassing situation' blog), but more and more I was writing more serious, inspirational, life lessons type blogs. eventually I dropped the 'Flashmob Granny' as a couple of people commented that it didn't seem appropriate anymore and as the number of people who read my blogs grew I began to think that perhaps I could write after all. I would really like to thank everyone who has read any of my blogs as you've helped me grow in confidence over the past year.

In the past year I've had a poem published in my local newspaper, a short story included in someone else's book and even had the courage to enter a writing competition! Not bad for a a recent ex-couch potato with little confidence.

I've found that the more risks I take, the more good things happen. Like having my own 'Invisible dragon adventure' stories written for me by someone one I've never met who lives on the other side of the world.(Thank you Peter Maxian, I will be continuing that adventure). All this in one year! If I can do it anyone can.

'What we truly and earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we are. The mere aspiration, by changing the frame of mind, for the moment realises itself' Anna Jameson.

But now I'm taking the biggest, most adventurous step to date as I've had my very own website created to share my blogs in a way that will hopefully make it easier for people to find, follow and read them. Plus, hopefully one day in the not too distant future it will be a way for me to advertise my book. Who knows if that will happen? One things for sure it won't if I don't at least try!

My logo is a rainbow with 'Sunshine after the rain' as I'm writing from a place of having been through a lot and not only survived but been made stronger by it all.

'Everything that you will ever need to accomplish any goal that you will ever set is sitting & waiting patiently inside of you' Unknown.

This quote really spoke to me and as I set out on my next adventure I just wanted to share it with you. It makes our excuses for not at least attempting things seem a bit lame I think.

So I would like to officially invite you to have a look at my new website and would really value your comments, both on the website itself or any of my blogs. Come with me on my adventure and help me to grow and improve by taking on board your comments. Come with me 'Over the Rainbow' at www.isabeljohnstone.co.uk 

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  1. This is wonderful news, I'm so happy for you Isabel :) See you over at your new page!