Wednesday, 4 September 2013

My 'Invisible Dragon Adventure' part 3.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to have an adventure story of my very own created by another blogger, my 'Invisible Dragon Adventure'. This can be found on my blog titled, 'Have you a childhood dream'. In this adventure I cast a spell as a result of which an invisible dragon appeared and whisked me of to Camelot to meet Lancelot. The dragon then transported Lancelot and me to Shangri-La, where the real adventure was to begin. This same blogger has now thrown down the challenge for me to continue the adventure. How could I resist! But I believe that it would be a mistake to try to emulate his writing style so I'll be putting my own spin on it. Here goes.
Isabel's first spell part 3. (In her own words).
At first everything went wonderfully well. Isabel and Lancelot spent their days exploring the lush vegetation, befriending the many and varied animals that they encountered and swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lakes. Isabel was even able to fulfil another childhood dream and swim with the Dolphins who inhabited the caves along the shore of the golden beaches. At night they would lie under the stars and share stories of their differing lives back home. It was all very romantic. As a Knight of the Round Table Lancelot was very chivalrous and insisted on courting Isabel in a manner befitting a great lady of the court. At first she was very shy and coming from the 21st century tried hard not to laugh at some of the romantic gestures and flowery phrases he used to compliment her. But soon she grew to love being compared to the flowers and stars and having her hand kissed and couldn't imagine life any other way.
 One day they were strolling hand in hand through an avenue of Cypress trees, revelling in the coolness of the shade the trees provided. It had been another hot and sunny day. even their daily dip hadn't been able to completely cool them down as the water itself was as warm as a bath from the constant sunshine.
'Lady Isabel, can I ask you a question?'
Startled by the seriousness of his tone Isabel dropped the flowers she'd gathered earlier.
'Forgive me my Lady, I did not mean to startle you!'
Lancelot fell on his knees and tried to pick them up, but they were too delicate and crumbled in his large hands, calloused from his years of jousting.
'Don't worry Lancelot. Look around you there are plenty more flowers for me to pick. I'm more concerned with what it is you want to ask me.'
'Please do not trouble yourself my Lady. I merely wished to inquire if you were truly happy.'
'Why would you ask me such a thing Lancelot? Is it because you're not, truly happy?'
Standing Lancelot enfolded Isabel in his arms and gently kissed her head.
'Oh my Lady I have had a most wondrous time. who could not fail to fall in love with this Shangri-La! Spending time with you, I have grown to love you but....'
Gently pushing him away Isabel placed her forefinger on his lips.
'It's ok Lancelot. You don't have to say it. I know that your heart belongs to someone else. I've felt her presence with us at times and, well, actually you talk in your sleep.'
Lancelot felt his face grow crimson. He opened his mouth but Isabel place her palm over it.
'Shush. It's ok. This has been the most amazing time of my life. but it's been a dream. I know that now. Perhaps it's time to wake up?'
'Lady Isabel you are wise beyond your years. I have tried to forget her, Guinevere, my love, but I find that I cannot. even though she is wed to another, I cannot stop loving her and therefore cannot give my heart fully to you. I wish it could be otherwise!'
Isabel smiled a wistful smile.
'I know. This is all the result of a magic spell, but I think there is a magic spell that is far greater than any spells that I can weave. I think that love is the most powerful magic around.'
'Yet it seems such a waste! Why can I not be set free from this spell to find love where it is returned? Am I destined to live life longing for one who can never be mine!'
 Isabel bowed her head to hide a smile as she thought of all the tales of the Round Table that she'd read. If only he knew? But it wouldn't be right to tell him.

'Well I guess that all that remains is for me to try to figure out how to get us out of here. Where is that Invisible Dragon when you need him?' 
Lancelot grinned.
'Ah lady Isabel if anyone can weave a spell, it is you.'
To be continued........ © 2013.

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  1. Looking forward to the next part :-)

    I was genuinely disappointed the Lancelot is going back to the little tramp Guinevere! Have you read about her lately?
    ...Suitors everywhere, probably little sprogs running about everywhere, anyone of noble blood for the father! Outrageous! :-)

    Isabel, you reminded me to tell my wife more often that she reminds me of the stars, and to kiss her hand more often. I just bought her some flowers :-) So thank you, those words of yours were inspired by chivalry.

    Tweet when the next part is ready


  2. Peter
    I'm pleased that I've inspired you to pay more attention to your wife! I hope it has the same effect on my husband.

    Lancelot is a man in love! But who knows what will happen next. They still have the slight problem of finding a way out of Shangri-La! I'll check out the latest on Guinevere, it might influence what happens next.

    Isabel :)