Tuesday, 3 September 2013

No. 6 in the writing prompt series!

She looked at
Marnie loved shopping. It was like a drug to her. No matter how bad things were, shopping was always the answer. Life had been pretty awful recently but her daily trips to the shopping centre had been a lifeline. As long as there was Marks and Spencer, who needed a shrink. Standing in her bedroom looking at her latest acquisition’s she felt that all familiar glow, that warm feeling of satisfaction that only the owning of new items could bring. She was especially pleased with the Gucci shoes she’d picked up this afternoon. Slipping them on was like dipping your feet into a luxurious bath of expensive oils. Frankincense or was it Myrrh? She could never remember which one was the perfume, but if it was good enough for the Three Kings, it was good enough for her. She’d looked at these shoes every day for a fortnight. Tantalisingly, teasing her with their glittering jewel encrusted heels anchoring the delicate tendrils of silver leather designed to criss cross the foot and gently encase the ankle. A shoe worthy of Ginger Rogers herself.
Today as she’d stopped to gaze in wonder and awe at these visions of perfection, her heart had missed a beat as her eyes alighted instead on a pair of Ugg boots, glaring menacingly back at her like a couple of grizzly bears. Marnie swooned, the blood draining from her face in shock. Why had she left it too late to make these divine dance shoes her very own.  Zombie like, she made her way into the shop barely registering the rows of sale shoes either lined up in rows or lying in a jumbled heap on the floor.
‘Excuse me, ha, have you sold the shoes that were in the w, window?’
‘’Sorry love, have I what?’
‘S, sold the Gucci shoes that have been in the window?’ Marnie sqeaked.
‘Depends love. What size?’
‘S, six please.’
‘Awe right love, take a seat, I’ll have a gander.’
Marnie collapsed onto the nearest seat, barely able to breathe until the girl materialised, the precious shoes lighting the way with their luminous lustre. Like Cinderella’s glass slippers they had slipped onto her feet. Slowly, she glided over to the mirror and pirouetted, never once taking her eyes from the reflection of her feet. Suddenly, conscious that all eyes now seemed to be on her, she stopped.
‘You’ll be having them then?’ said the shop assistant, eyes twinkling.
‘No, not today thanks.’ She’d replied.
The persistent ringing and thumping from the direction of her door startled Marnie out of the daydream she’d fallen into. Throwing a rug over the pile on her bed she made her way downstairs.
‘It had to be her. She was the only one who tried them on!’
Marnie recognised the voice of the shop assistant from the shoe shop.
‘Calm down Ma’am. I’m sure that we can clear this up if you just keep calm.’
Marnie opened the door and smiled at the police officer.
‘It’s alright officer. I’ve been expecting you. I’m afraid that there are a few other instances of shop lifting I’d like to be taken into consideration.’

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