Sunday, 12 August 2012


I so wanted my blog today to be a more positive one but we were greeted this morning by the fact that 13 cars in our street, including mine and my husbands had been keyed by some drunken, thoughtless individuals! Isn't it funny how what someone finds funny causes someone else pain and frustration! Despite this set back we decided to have a nice day visiting a national trust property. so we gaily set out at about 11am to visit West Wycombe Park. We live about an hour away form Wycombe. Guess what it doesn't open until 2pm. Ok we thought, we'll visit Maple durham instead. We arrived there about 11.40am. surprise, surprise it does't open until 2pm either. AAAARRRGH.

Breathe deeply! So we ventured into Reading and bought some sandwiches and drinks and had a lovely picnic by the river. Finally we arrived at Maple Durham on time and had a great time looking round the lovely grounds and topped it off with tea and cake. The day is looking up we thought.

We set off for home, but first of all I had to call by Cogges Manor Farm to feed the cats. My favourite time of day. Only today was the day that the farmer was collecting our adorable pigs to take them to do what pigs are destined for. Amy, one of the volunteers was in tears and pretty soon, so was I. He had brought a goat called Sunday to join our little family but we will still miss Angelica, Basil and all the other pigs we have grown so fond off. R.I.P.

The day ended with a very relaxing pasta meal in the garden, followed by watching the olympic closing ceremony. Here's hoping tomorrow is a bit better!

Flashmob Granny.

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