Friday, 9 August 2013

A teaser!

Recently on my Open University Facebook page someone posted a writing prompt. 'She knew that there was something wrong when she opened the door' I took up the challenge and here is my attempt.

'She knew that there was something wrong when she opened the door. Instead of the happy, excited chatter that she’d been expecting, the air hung still, silence pervading the entire space. Her heart began to beat louder and faster. She realised that she was holding her breath, yet was reluctant to let go for fear that this small act would break the silence and result in -what?  Slipping quietly back outside she leaned against the wall her chest heaving as she hungrily gasped for air. Briefly she contemplated running away. If she didn’t go in then she wouldn’t have to face up to whatever, if anything, had happened.  There had been rumours, but not being one to listen to gossip she’d dismissed them with her usual cynicism. If the rumours were true then the sensible thing to do would be to run as far away as possible. Anyway surely the silence meant that she was probably too late?

Shaking her head she came to a decision. She’d never run away before and she wasn’t about to start now. Whatever lay on the other side of that door, she knew that she had to face it. But not alone! Pulling her mobile from her pocket she dialled the number of the only person she trusted. They hadn’t spoken in a while but instinctively she knew that he would come. He had too……'
What happens next? Who knows!  Check in and see. :) 

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