Monday, 5 August 2013

Have you a chidhood dream?

 Every young girl dreams of having an adventure, of being rescued by a prince, the man of her dreams. what little girl doesn't dream of starring in her own fairy tale? But sadly few of us ever have the opportunity to fulfil that dream.

A few weeks ago I responded to a tweet asking 'would you like to go on an invisible dragon adventure?'   Well my twitter status states that 'I'm a lady of a certain age on a mission to prove that life can still be an adventure', so how could I refuse! Little did I know what was in store for me.
I replied that I was interested in going on an invisible dragon adventure by replying, 'always'.

A few days later I received a message asking me where I would like to go on my 'invisible dragon adventure. Not really taking it seriously I replied Shangri La. After all that's the place where people live for ever in a land of plenty. Who wouldn't want to go there? This was followed by a question asking who I'd love to go on this adventure with. After discarding the obvious candidates such as Brad Pitt and George Clooney,( but not before dreaming about it a bit first), I replied that I would want to be accompanied by Lancelot.  The conversation that followed then went like this;

'Lancelot, the knight of the Round Table?' was the surprised response.

'Of course !' was my reply, 'Who better to go on an invisible dragon adventure with?' 

 'What would you say to the good knight Lancelot while you adventure with the invisible dragon?' 

'Come with me to Shangri La to recapture the thrill of life in Camelot in years gone by! 

The Invisible Dragon Adventurer then replied, 'OK, now we need to wait a few days for the magic of storytelling to do its stuff :-) 

Life went on and I completely forgot all about my 'Invisible Dragon Adventure'. In fact life got pretty serious with my son having complications after a routine operation and to be perfectly honest at times it would have been really great to have been able to escape, anywhere and with any type of dragon or knight!

Imagine my surprise and delight when a couple of weeks later I received this message on Twitter;

'It took a little time, but the new Invisible Dragon adventure is ready! ...and it is all about you :-)'.

Eagerly I clicked on the link and was both enchanted and delighted by what I found there! This clever, talented person had taken my 'tongue in cheek' comments and woven them into a magical, poetic and funny story, featuring me as the central character! I'm still grinning like the proverbial 'Cheshire cat' now as I'm writing this. It made this 'lady of a certain age' and grandmother, feel like a young girl again. My childish dream of meeting my 'knight in shining armour' had come true, if only in a story.

My hubby reckoned that I took a chance by replying to this tweet, but sometimes it can be fun 'taking a chance'. I had in fact gone on to the Invisible Dragon's website and found out that he was a writer who writes short stories based on the inspiration of his friends combined with his belief in the wisdom of children. How lovely is that! There's nothing to compare with the wisdom of children. They don't have the boundaries and limitations that many adults seem to have. 'Out of the mouths of babes...' has now taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Read for yourself my ' Invisible Dragon Adventure' parts 1 and 2 by clicking on the links below.

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  1. Hi Isabel

    I'm glad you "took a chance" and responded to my tweets. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    You mentioned Brad and George... I was thinking that the Lancelot in the story is a good "sex symbol" :-) that he grows to a greater version of manhood, beyond being a knight to a man of love.

    Let's hope Guinevere isn't to upset losing him to you :-)


    1. Hi Peter!

      You're welcome. It was easy to write with such lovely material to work with.

      You make an interesting point about Lancelot and what makes a 'sex symbol'!

      Guinevere has King Arthur and I'm just borrowing Lancelot!:-)

      Isabel :)

    2. Me again... I didn't think this was important, but friends are asking me if I have a son... which I don't. I think it might be coming from the mistake in this post :-) I want to send people to this post for my crowdfunding promotion (campaign starts next Friday) so maybe we could update that section he he he

      The stories come from the inspiration of my friends. The real little boy is me, I'm in my mid-forties but I try to look at things with the optimism of a child. Lotsa widsom there :-)


    3. Hi Peter

      I was under the impression that you had a son and that the Invisible Dragon stories were written for him! Of course I'll amend the post. Good luck with you're crowd funding promotion. You're right that we could learn a lot from children. This weekend I was in Scotland visiting family. We passed the town where I grew up. I pointed this out to my son, but my husband replied that it was the place I lived as a child but that I've never actually grown up!:)