Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Love at first sight

Open University writing prompt no. 3. I'm having so much fun as I prepare to do my level 2 Creative writing course and enjoying the challenge of the 30 minute free writing prompts. Hope you don't mind me sharing.

Love at first sight
Ali stopped eating as soon as she came into the room, a rare occurrence for him as he really loved his food. But when he looked up, intending only a quick glance, at the sight of her long blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, shining with laughter, he knew that he had completely lost his heart forever. He’d never seen someone so beautiful. It wasn’t so much that she was aesthetically beautiful. Her eyes were a bit too big and her jaw line a bit too square. No, her beauty lay more in the aura of her spirit which emanated from her very being. He never thought that it would happen to him but he had fallen in love at first sight. He knew that he would go to the ends of the earth and do anything in his power to protect her, ‘for as long as they both shall live.
 Realising that he was drooling, his mouth still full of half chewed food, he tried swallowing but only succeed in choking.
‘Oh dear! What’s the matter? What can I do? She said only now becoming aware of his presence.
‘I think his foods gone down the wrong way; we need to give him the Heimlich manoeuvre’ her companion replied.
Gasping for breath as he was Ali still managed to shoot a look of hatred at her companion. Who did he think he was? And why was he holding her hand like that?
Suddenly he found himself being grabbed round his middle and squeezed so hard he was sure that his ribs would break. At the same time a bolus of food shot across the room splattering on the door of the oven. Ali whimpered. Not exactly the type of first impression he’d wanted to make.
But much to his surprise the object of his affection was kneeling on the floor, her arms gently holding him in complete contrast to the painful manipulations of a minute ago. Then she kissed him and gently began stroking his back. Ali closed his eyes, inhaling the soft sweet scent of her. He couldn’t believe it. She seemed to feel the same.
Her companion looked on, smiling at this tender scene.

‘Well love, what do you think of your surprise?’

‘Oh daddy it’s just what I wanted. My very own Cocker Spaniel. I’m going to love him forever!’ she beamed.





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