Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How to pursue your dreams.

In 2008 a very successful tv actor called Tom Chambers won the coveted glitter ball on Strictly Come Dancing. This series has been running for several years now and many famous  people from the world of entertainment and sport have won this coveted trophy. So why am I writing a blog about this celebratory? At the time Tom said in an interview that as a child he had dreamed about performing a Fred Astaire routine and by agreeing to take part in the Strictly process he hoped to come a step nearer to achieving his dream.

Last Saturday night my hubby and I went up to London to see Tom performing in the stage version of Top Hat, performing the role that his idol, Fred Astaire, had originally played. His performance was electric! Technically it was perhaps not as great as that of his co-star, Summer Strallen and the other professional dancers, but what he lacked in technique , he more than made up for in his infectious enjoyment and delight at fulfilling his childhood dream. I left the theatre feeling uplifted and inspired to keep on trying to follow my dreams.

This was posted on facebook, again by one of my Lupie friends. By Lupie I mean one of my fellow Lupus sufferers, not a crazy person! My reaction on reading this was, WOW, what a challenge. I know that life is never that simple, there will always be things that happen in life that interrupt or block our way in pursuit of our dreams. But maybe, just maybe, if we persist and don't give up, we'll get there in the end.
All my life I've wondered about being a writer. About whether I was capable of writing anything that anyone would be interested in reading. If you're reading this, then I've succeeded! But most importantly of all, I'm still pursuing my dream, I'm still trying. How successful I become really doesn't matter. How good at it I become also isn't so important. I once heard an actress say that even if there is only a handful of people in the audience, she still loves performing because that is all she wants to do. If, like Tom Chambers and his dancing, through my writing I can pass on some of the enjoyment I get from writing, then in my book I have achieved my childhood dream.
Whatever your dreams are. Whatever the obstacles in your way. As long as you keep dreaming and trying, then you are living with hope and who knows..........maybe your dreams will come true!  


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