Monday, 29 October 2012

Tell me why I don't like Mondays!

This title sounds like it could be a good one for a song! Oh wait-I think it is ~. Sorry about that, but I feel the need to do something to cheer me up this morning. I don't normally mind Mondays as a rule. It's sometimes quite refreshing to wake up knowing that there are things that have to be done instead of thinking, hey it's the weekend what shall we do!

I've probably lost most of you by now and I'm not surprised. Basically I'm suffering from the 'jet lag' of the clocks going back this weekend, for the end of British Summer Time.. I fully expected to wake up at my usual time feeling completely refreshed as my body would think that it was an hour later, if you know what I mean.Instead I feel absolutely shattered and completely disorientated.  Whoever decided that it was a good idea to muck about with time, in my opinion,didn't really think it through properly! I reckon the Monday after the clocks change should be declared a public holiday to let us adjust to the new time scale. I'm sure that any parents or even pet owners will know where I'm coming from.

How to you explain to a baby or in my case a cat, that it isn't time to get up and have breakfast yet because someone thought that it was a good idea to change the clocks! It was even weirder on the Sunday to be having dinner when according to your body clock you should be settling down to watch the Antiques Road Show. Mind you, it probably didn't help that my hubby and I had gone up to London on Saturday night to see a show and didn't get home until one am. When you get to a certain age, (I am Flashmob Granny after all), one am in the morning is usually the first of many times that you are getting up for a pee! Sorry if this is to much information, but I'm sure there are those out there who understand.

Now I am actually one of the lucky ones as I don't have a job to go to and can have the luxury of sitting down in a confused haze while my mind and body come to terms with the new timetable. Most people probably couldn't get to sleep last night until the old time, yet had to obey the incessant ring of the alarm clock when it went off this morning at the new time! I expect the sales of coffee will soar this morning as everyone tries to clear their tired, befuddled brains and carry on.

Never mind, let's look on the bright side! In 6 months time we go back to the normal time. Oh no, wait a minute that means that, not only do we have to go through the whole clock changing process again, but to add insult to injury we loose an hour-aaarrrgggghhhhhh! I understand why it has to be done, I just wish that there was a better, less disruptive way of doing it! Perhaps we could just adjust the clocks by 10 minutes every day for 10 days!

I had actually planned to write a glowing blog on how wonderful Tom Chambers was in Top Hat but I think I'll leave that until 'Mrs Grumpy' has gone. Time for another coffee I think.

Flashmob Granny.

P.S. Who spotted the deliberate mistake? It should be 10 minutes for 6 days, not 10! Told you maths wasn't my strong point lol :).


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